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The International Seaweed Association (ISA) is the first international organization connecting industry and academia seaweed stakeholders, dedicated to the encouragement of research and development of seaweed and seaweed products.

The ISA organizes the International Seaweed Symposium (ISS) every 3 years since 1953, and 24 have now taken place all over the world. Join us in the next ISS

Every time you join us at ISS you automatically become a member of ISA for 3 years. But you can also join us anytime by registering here (include link for member registration). Among other benefits, we provide free online full access to Springer journals: Journal of Applied Phycology and Hydrobiologia.

Mission & Vision

The ISA works to be the priority global seaweed community and first choice seaweed conference (ISS) among macroalgae (seaweed) researchers, entrepreneurs and industry.

We welcome all seaweed-related associations (national and international) that want to interact and work together towards the sustainable and long-term development of the seaweed sector.

ISA and ISS are anchored in the applied seaweed research and industry. They will both follow the current trends of the sector but always striving for a healthy interaction and knowledge transference between the established seaweed academics and industrials with the new students and entrepreneurs.

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ISA Council

As an ISA member, you are entitled to indicate who you want to see in the ISA council!  We will ask you up to 2 names within the seaweed community

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Members only

Members of the ISA have access to these areas:


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